Fraudrecord ClientExec Fraud Plugin

FraudRecord Integration for ClientExec: Elevate Your Security with Advanced Fraud Prevention!

🌐 Introduction
Tighten the reins on online fraud with our cutting-edge FraudRecord integration for ClientExec. Seamlessly integrate FraudRecord’s robust fraud prevention system into your ClientExec platform, ensuring safer transactions and building client trust.

🔍 Features

  1. Automated Fraud Checks: Instantly run new orders through FraudRecord’s extensive database directly from your ClientExec dashboard.
  2. Detailed Fraud Reports: Access comprehensive reports on suspicious activities, helping you make informed decisions.
  3. Configurable Alert System: Customize alert thresholds to suit your business’s unique risk profile.
  4. Instant Blacklisting: One-click actions to blacklist suspicious clients and prevent potential threats.
  5. Data Security: Our integration prioritizes data protection, ensuring all checks are encrypted and secure.


  • Reduced Chargebacks: Proactively identify and stop fraudulent transactions, saving on costly chargeback fees.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Build trust with your legitimate clients by demonstrating a commitment to security.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamline your order review process with automated checks and intuitive reports.

📥 Installation & Support
Integrate with ease using our detailed installation guide. And for any challenges or queries, our dedicated support team is on standby, eager to assist.

💲 Pricing
Coming soon.


Client Features

  • Change Password
  • Suspend
  • Unsuspend

Admin Features

  • Change Password
  • Change Package
  • Suspend
  • Unsuspend

Please note

  • Plugin Source Code is Encoded with Ioncube